Tale of a Chair


Earlier today I posted this photo of my living room recliner on my Facebook page.  Some of you–I hope, anyway–are probably wondering why I posted this photo, especially since nobody was sitting in it.  So, I will fill you in.

A few days ago, I was sitting down in this chair, and pressed the button to make it recline.  But it didn’t.  I wondered what the problem was.  Was it with the motor, or was it with the electric doohickey  that connected the cord leading from the chair to the cord leading to the electrical outlet?

This morning, my Mom and I flipped this chair over to see if we could find its model number.  While looking for it, I found a cord that wasn’t attached to anything.  Hmmm, I thought.  I wonder if this cord attaches to another cord. 

I searched around, and I found another cord, with prongs on it.  Looking at the two cords, I realized that they must fit together, so I plugged them.  Once the chair was right-side-up, I sat in it and pressed the button to make it recline.  This time the chair started to recline.

I felt like Rebecca on CHEERS when she yelled, “I AM TOO STUPID TO LIVE!”


Speaking about chairs and classic sitcoms, this story reminded me of a classic moment from the DICK VAN DYKE SHOW episode “The Redcoats Are Coming.”  Instead of describing it, I’ll let the episode’s two guest stars, Chad and Jeremy, do the honors–or as they write it in England, “the honours.”



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