The Walking Dull

walking dead

This afternoon I watched the first episode of THE WALKING DEAD–or tried to.  I couldn’t get into it.  I think the main reason was because of the title characters.  They’re zombies.  Call them what you will, but they are zombies.  And most zombies have no personality.

The monsters from the classic horror movies–Frankenstein’s Monster, his bride, Dracula, the Mummy–all possessed personality.  Zombies from THE WALKING DEAD don’t.

The same hold true for the White Walkers from GAME OF THRONES.  I was hoping for some sort of showdown between Jon Snow’s and Cersei Lannister’s armies, and the winner taking on Daenerys’.  BUT NOOOOO!  They are all combining to fight the zombies…er, I mean White Walkers.

The FCC should declare a moratorium on Zombie’s and similar creatures for the next twenty years.



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