Start Your Engines


In case you missed it–and if the only thing you’ve been watching on TV lately is the Olympics, you have–there’s some sort of stock car race going on today.

All right, all right, it’s the big one, the Daytona 500.  I’d forgotten it was today.  NASCAR isn’t as popular in this part of the country as it is in the Evansville area.  Not too mention I’m more of Mario Kart fan myself.  (Jimmie Johnson has never fired a red shell at another racer.).

Back to the Olympics, the United States isn’t doing too well.  We’ve won ten medals, or fewer than 2 1/2 times those won by Norway.  And the TV ratings have fallen over the last Winter Olympics.

I think a couple of factors come in play when it comes to the ratings.  The lack of U.S. success (compared to other Olympics) are a big factor.  Another is this country is becoming a more Southern country.  The Rust Belt has been dying for years, and people are moving south.  It’s probably easier for a person living in Miami to identify more with NASCAR than skiing.

And I I’m certain no Norwegian will win at Daytona today.




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