It’s been raining off-and-on for the past few days.  Any time the weather becomes rainy, my newspaper usually comes in a clear, narrow, plastic bag.  I usually just take the bags to my recycling bag in my closest.  Today, however…

Backtracking to Monday.  That day I bought a new umbrella to replace my old one, which had disintegrated.  However, unlike my previous one, the new one lacked a carrying case.  After I’ve the old umbrella, I put it back in the case before I put it in my backpack.  That way, other items in my backpack don’t get wet.

This morning, before I went to Walmart, I spotted one of those clear plastic bags, then I thought, That would be a good place to put my umbrella.  So I, to borrow from Captain Picard, “made it so.”



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