Book Review: 100 REASONS TO LIVE


Recently I read the book 100 REASONS TO LIVE: ADVENTURES OF A DEPRESSED DUCK.  The title my sound silly, but the story contained in the book is serious.  It deals with Dena, the titular duck, who suffers from depression.  Her mother, for one thing, was shot and killed by a hunter.  With her grandmother, Dena goes off on an adventure.  They meet Sarah, a human teenager also suffering from depression.  The book consists of one hundred very short chapters, the title of each is a reason to continue living and not kill yourself.

100 REASONS TO LIVE is a touching book.  I was suffering from a bout of depression when I started reading it.  As I continued in it.  I started feeling less depressed about my current situation.  People suffering from depression will find much to take away from this book.

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