I’m having Polyester flashbacks.

Ahh…It’s been a decent morning.  I’ve been listening to Casey Kasem count down the Top Forty hits from May 21, 1977.  Plenty of Disco (including Joe Tex’s “Ain’t Go Bump No More (with No Big Fat Woman)),” but they’ve been a few goodies in the mix (including “I Want to Get Next to You.” by Rose Royce, which I hadn’t heard in years).

And guess what was at #29


J.J. Watt, you were already #1 on the Dougster’s Decent Human Being Top 40.  Now you’ve movie up 22 big notches on the Dougster’s Cool Top 40.  You may be challenging Buzz Aldrin for #1 next week.  Keep your feet in the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.

Mother Nature fooled us again.

This morning I went outside to do an errand at about twenty till ten.  The Weather Channel said rain wouldn’t come till 11:45.

The Weather Channel was wrong.

On my way back from the errand at about twenty after ten, guessed what happened?  Yup, it rained.  Fortunately not a Bob Dylan hard rain, but still enough to be annoying.

Mother Nature fooled us again.

Reminds me of the Chiffon Commercial from the 1970s:

Yeah Mom Nature, it’s not okay for us to fool rule, but it’s okay for you to fool us.  Hypocrisy in action.

Song:  “Margaritaville,” Jimmy Buffett.

Book:  LORD OF THE RINGS by J.R.R. Tolkien.


God Doesn’t Marginalize


This morning a couple of incidents happened that left me feeling rather marginalized.  I should probably be used to that feeling right now, but it still hurts.

It reminds me of a line from Jimmy Buffett’s classic song “Fruitcakes”: “WE NEED PEOPLE THAT CARE!”

(Yeah, it’s wrong grammar-wise, but so right otherwise.)

I think that’s way I like Christianity so much, and why it appeals to so many people:  Christianity feature a loving God Who cares for everyone.  Thank You, God.



The Off Chance

This morning I walked to My Friendly Neighborhood Library.  I checked out a whole bagful of books (literally!).

While I was browsing, I started searching for a copy of THE HANDMAID’S TALE by Margaret Atwood.  A couple weeks earlier, while staying with my brother’s sons, I stopped at a couple of used books stores, but neither of them had a copy.  I thought about buying it new, or buying it for my tablet, but I decided to wait till I’ve finished LORD OF THE RINGS.  I wasn’t expected to find it, but lo!


Now I need to hurry up and finish LORD OF THE RINGS (I’m on the beginning of Book Six, where Sam is trying to rescue Frodo.).

Location: Celina

Song:  “I Want to Tell You,” the Beatles.