32 Years Ago Today


I can easily imagine President Trump doing this.

Especially since Knight campaigned for Trump during the election.



Nietzsche, meet Dolly


I was playing around with THE NIETZSCHE FAMILY CIRCUS (www.nietzschefamilycircus.com), a website that combines random Nietzsche quote with random FAMILY CIRCUS cartoon.  Early this morning.  I found this quote below this cartoon:

“With regard to what “truthfulness” is, perhaps nobody has ever been sufficiently truthful.”

I wonder if Lord Dampnut has ever read Nietzche.


Today’s Brain-Buster


President Trump was Mexico to pay for The Wall (which I think is about as stupid an idea as skinny-dipping in the Artic Ocean in mid-January).  So he’s going to put a twenty-percent tariff on imports from Mexico.

Who’s going to pay that tax?

Not Mexicans.  We Americans will be paying for it.  And Dos Equis is my second favorite lager after Landshark.

I’m not going to say anymore.  I’m going to try to forget about President Trump for the rest of the evening.


John Hurt R.I.P.


Dang it, this year is starting about as badly as last year.  Celebrities seems to be dying about as fast as they were in 2016.

John Hurt was one of my favorite actors, ever since I saw him in the movie version of “The Elephant Man” in 1981.  I loved him in “Alien,” “1984,” “I, Claudius,” not to mention his role in the 5oth anniversary episode of DOCTOR WHO.

Near the end of last year, I had the sinking feeling 2017 would make 2016 look like a holiday in the sun.

Sadly, I think that fear is coming true.


Ahead of the Curve


This past summer I read or reread three of George Orwell’s novel:  DOWN AND OUT IN PARIS AND LONDON, 1984, and ANIMAL FARM.  The events of 2016 reminded me disturbingly of some sort of dystopia.

Thanks to Kellyanne Conway’s now -legendary “alternative facts” quote, sales of 1984 have picked up so much that it’s Amazon’s #1 bestseller:


It’s wonderful being ahead of the curve.