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I changed my blogging website from LiveJournal to WordPress.  I was having issues with LiveJournal, so I decided a switch was called for.  So, if you’re following me from LiveJournal, welcome back.  If you’re here for the first time, welcome aboard.  Grab a chair and sit down.

My latest earworm…

I first heard this song on the HBO series BIG LITTLE LIARS.  I’ve never sat down and watched the show, but I was nearby when my Mom was watching it when we were taking care of my nephew Isaac.

Last week, as I was fooling around the Internet, I heard this song again.  And I’ve listened to it several times every since.


TV–JEOPARDY!  and Cincinnati Bengals football.

Book–DUNE by Frank Herbert

The Bengals are on the clock


Congratulations to the Cincinnati Bengals, who clinched the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft.

It was close, though, the Bengals scored 16 points in the final minutes of today’s game to tie the Miami Dolphins and send the game into overtime.  But the Dolphins managed to straightened themselves out and beat the Bengals 38-35 in the waning seconds of overtime.

If you’re going to fail in the National Football League, fail spectacularly.