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I changed my blogging website from LiveJournal to WordPress.  I was having issues with LiveJournal, so I decided a switch was called for.  So, if you’re following me from LiveJournal, welcome back.  If you’re here for the first time, welcome aboard.  Grab a chair and sit down.

A Poem

The Wall in My Head

I see the wall in my head.
It is made out of red bricks.
Its height is infinite.
Its length is infinite.
I wish I could find some dynamite
And blast a hole in that wall.
But how thick is the wall?
There is no guarantee
That blasting the wall
Will get me to the other side.
Would I have to blast again,
And again,
And again?
Perhaps the wall’s depth is infinite.
So I will stay on my side on the wall
And write about what I see from this side.

Do President Trump and Nancy Pelosi Like The Eagles?


The government shutdown continues.

This reminds me of lyrics from the Eagles’ song I posted above:  “You see it your way/I see it mine/But we both see it slipping away.”

But I wonder if either side is seeing it slip away, or if they’re just too pig-headed to see anything they don’t want to see.

Song:  See above


TV–football playoffs and basketball.

Elvis & Me


I wasn’t a big Elvis fan in my youth.  I liked Little Richard more.  Richard was electrifying.  While I was in shock when I heard the news about his death, I didn’t cry.

But I started to like Elvis more during my college years.  I’d bought this tome, THE BOOK OF ROCK LISTS.  It featured a chapter devoted to The King of Rock’n’Roll.  In December of 1982 I watched “This Is Elvis,” A documentary about his life and career.  I saw some footage of him singing “Don’t Be Cruel.”  He mesmerized me with his charisma.  At that moment I could understand what people saw about him.  And I became more interested in him.

I remember the vote for the Elvis stamp.  In the summer of 1992 the United States Postal Service held a vote as to which of two images of The King it should use for a stamp commemorating him.  One stamping featured him early in his career, while the another portrayed him later in his career.  I vote for the early Elvis image.  That won.  On January 8, 1993 (which would’ve been his 58th birthday), I stopped at my local post office and bought a couple of Elvis stamps.

Nowadays, what intrigues me most about Elvis is that he was the definite American.  He was a champion of conspicuous consumption, yet he was also a devout Christian.  He had one foot stuck in Heaven and another stuck in that American Babylon know as Las Vegas.


Yesterday was Elvis Presley’s birthday.  I knew that.  However, I’d forgotten that it was also David Bowie’s birthday.  I was reminded of this fact via Con Chrisoulis, who is producing graphic biography of Bowie.  (For more information click the following link https://www.facebook.com/groups/conchrisoulis/

And, as a bit of penance for not mentioning this fact in either this blog or on my facebook page:  I’m posting this video.  It’s the theme song of a movie David appeared in from 1986–and it’s not “Labyrinth.”  It’s “Absolute Beginners.”  This flick takes place in London, at the dawn of the Rock’n’Roll era.  I hadn’t heard of this movie until I saw it on a cable TV channel in 1991.  A few years later, I saw the flick in its entirety and loved up.  This past summer I bought the Blu-Ray.


Song:  See above

TV:  Basketball and football




Every year, the City of Celina (I think) puts up these large displays featuring characters from various TV cartoon Christmas specials.  There’s one for “Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer,” one for “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” and another for “Frosty the Snowman.”

However, when I was walking this morning, I discovered that the displays for “Charlie Brown” and “Frosty” had disappeared.

It’s time of year again.  Soon all of the Christmas lights and decorations will be put away.  As we returned to the dark bleakness of a Western Ohio winter.

Song–See below



“Round and Round”

As I was walking this morning, I had Perry Como’s “Round and Round” in my brainpan.

If you’ve been watching TV this Holiday season, you’ll realize this is the same song a certain major retailer has been using for its Holiday commercial.

What I didn’t realize till now that the version in the commercial is sung by Sia:

I still like Perry’s better.